Dredge Economies

Dredge Economies

In August of 2013 I had the opportunity to assist Takuma Ono, the first Maeder-York Family Fellow in Landscape Studies at the Gardner Museum, contributing research and illustration that paralleled much of my own recent thesis work.

As we enter uncharted territory of climate change, and possibly burst through a climate tipping threshold, humanity looks to macro-scale design for consciously self-guiding the evolution of the biosphere. While strategies that reduce risk - such as conserving energy or coping - have their own merits, those which promote transformational adaptations have increasingly important roles in this era.

Dredge Economies is of this strain of macro-scale thinking that imagines a transformational relationship between the anthropologic, biologic, and geologic; it imagines a way to confront the adverse effects of dredging while still acknowledging the role of containerization in a globalized economy; it looks at large patterns/trends and imagines cultivating the fields of the harbor in anticipation of accelerated change; it imagines making net positive impacts over time; above all, it imagines a designed process that could help balance the human condition with the evolutionary time scale of the biosphere.

The biennial Maeder-York Family Fellowship in Landscape Studies at the Gardner Museum was established to recognize an emerging designer whose work articulates the potential for landscape as a medium of design in the public realm.

Ninety-one applications from fourteen nations around the world were received following the announcement of the Fellowship in September 2011. The tremendous response to the call for submissions demonstrates the strength and creativity of emerging practitioners in the field of contemporary landscape.

The Fellowship Jury was led by Charles Waldheim, Charles Waldheim/Urban Agency, Consulting Curator of Landscape at the Gardner Museum, Chair, Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, and included international figures in landscape architecture and allied design.

Julie Bargmann
Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Founder, Dirt Studio

Alan Berger
Tenured Associate Professor of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Founder of P-REX

Anita Berrizbeitia
Professor, Harvard University

Julia Czerniak
Associate Professor, Syracuse University

Walter Hood
Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning and Urban Design, University of California, Berkeley, Principal, Hood Design Urban Landscape + Site Architecture

Anuradha Mathur
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture; Associate Chair
Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Jane Wolff
Associate Professor, University of Toronto


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